Cannot start robot from orchestrator after password changed


I was running 3 robots on one server (hight-density configuration) and everything was working fine until I had to change the password of the session used by one of the robot for security purpose.
Since then, I am consistently getting this error when I try to start this robot:
“Executor start process failed, reason System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070520): A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated”

All the other robots are working just fine, RDP session connected to the server or not.

The password for the robot should be the right one since i am getting the “Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password” error when I try with a wrong password.

I have try to sign off every RDP connection with no result
I have try to update the UiPath Robot to 2018.4 since I saw that it should seemed to solve the problem, but no change.
Do I also have to update Orchestrator (from 2018.1 to 2018.4) to get the fix?

Any idea to solve this would be welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @SamuelC

can you check this point “Domain\Username”


Thank for your reply @balupad14
I checked, The domain\username is the right one.
I should also mention that this robot is working when i already have a RDP session open with the same domain\username.

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hi guy

I had similar situation.

My solution is changing domain’s expression → test/user01

Thanks @unu99
I tried different domain expression but only the one I used before did not give me an error

Dear SamuelC,

You need to increase or create the UIPATH_SESSION_TIMEOUT variable.

Please refer to this link: Config RDP timeout to create user session

Bogdan Coman

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Thanks for your reply @Bogdan_Coman,

I tried and increased the UIPATH_SESSION_TIMEOUT variable to 300s but I keep on getting the same error for this specific robot.

What I do not understand is that only one robot on this machine give me tthis error while the two other (on the same machine) are working just fine