The StudioX Project Notebook

Throughout the lesson you discovered the Project Notebook, more specifically its purpose and how to manipulate data inside it!

As you may have noticed, the way it works is similar to how you would perform actions in Excel, therefore, do you find it easy enough to manipulate data inside it? Would you use the default Project Notebook or prefer to do operations in an Excel file of your own?

Also, if you don’t have much experience working with Excel, do you feel it’s a good chance to start looking into it and use Project Notebook for your automation projects?

For any technical question , please create a new topic in the StudioX category here .

Is it possible to use a custom formula in one of the pre-defined sheets such as date, text etc that could be saved. say i wanted to convert the date in a different format or trim texts a custom way!

What is the reason for not allowing the formulas to be saved in scratchpad?


Hello, this is what I did as a French the first letter of the year is A and not Y (ear). So the zone named YYYYMMDD returns YYYYO9DD to me because in French and English the month starts with M. On the other hand I have to redo it for each project. But I’m waiting for the rest of the training … :wink: there must be a solution.
In the Scratchpad part you can put formulas and save before execution; They are kept from one execution to another.


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This was a good exercise to have a better understanding of what the Project Notebook does and how to use it. Looking forward to playing around with the Project Notebook some more.

I have the same problem. I manually change it to JJJJ for the Dutch word ‘Jaar’.

Since I frequently work in Excel, I find this very useful and plan to use it.