How to use project notebook scratchpad without saving data that is pasted in the scratchpad?

I would like to use the scratchpad in project notebook multiple times. I first copy and paste a data table into the scratchpad and then copy and paste this data table into a word document and it works well. If I do the same thing for a second time within the same bot, there is sometimes leftover data from the first use of scratchpad that does not get overwritten. How do I tell uipath to not save the data I add into the scratchpad so the scratchpad is empty after each use?

In configure notebook settings you have that option. But on newer versions of studiox, autosave is off by default. Which version do you use?

Thanks for the reply, I use Studio X 2020 4.3. (an enterprise license).

I tried to configure the project notebook, but autosave is already unchecked.


can you post a picture of the wf?

This is inside of an Excel for each row. For the first 5 iterations it works correctly and on the 6th scratchpad four contains leftover data from the 5th iteration.

i think that data is not saved there, but as long notebook is opened data is visible there.
you can add a clear sheet after each iteration to make sure that no data remains from previous iteration