Variables Saved for Later Use


I am designing my first real automation project and have saved a variable for use later within a section of the process

Is it possible to use that same saved variable in a different section of the process?

In summary, at the moment I am using the Project Notebook to extract a string formatted date to use in the creation/reference to a folder. I have three separate sections within my project where I want to use that saved variable. Can I reference it in each distinct step, or do all the steps have to be within one grouping to be able to use that variable?

Many thanks

You can reuse a SavedValue in all the steps. But, since the value is stored in a cell, I would give a name to that cell in Excel and that name will appear in the Dropdown everywhere in my project where it can be used. See ProjectNotebook > Date sheet as an example.

No need to use an intermediary SavedValue, StudioX has direct integration with Excel.