German version of project Notebook

Hi Everyone,

I have been supporting some trainees in germany and they have had some problems with using the project notebook. their Excel instances are in german and therefore the date workings tab is incorrect because it references date formats in the english variation (dd.MM.yyyy) instead of the german variation (tt.MM.jjjj) and it means the calculations arent performed correctly until they change some of the formula etc. in the cells.

Its an easy enough thing to change, but is there any way of setting StudioX so that it automatically creates the notebook as a german version instead? i know the workaround would be to create a notebook template and then override the old notebook in each automation they build but wanted to see if there was a way for it to happen automatically without the need for them to actively change it?

Many thanks in advance!

Hey @Djh ,

Apologies in the delay in getting to this. The recommended way to get around this is the workaround you described and saving the updated Project Notebook as a template. Are the changes focusing on handling dates according to the region and changing the format?


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