The given key was not present in the dictionary InitAll

Hi all,
I am working on performer assignment 2 of level 3 .I am encountering the below issues

I am not able to figure the issue.Kindly help me rectify this !



Before passing the config values, print it and see what values you are getting if you are getting the above error again then go to the workflow where you are adding the rows from Excel to dictionary may be in init or read workflows and see if everything is fine there.

Hi @Sharmi_thangam_malat from what I can see in the screenshots your key in the config file is “System1 Credential” without the ‘_’ in your invoke you are using “System1_Credential” in as the key. Same thing actually for “System1 URL” and the invoke with "System1_URL.
Please check if it works after you change the name in the config to reflect your invoke.


HI @Sharmi_thangam_malat

I would suggest few changes to your config file.

  1. Don’t use spaces when naming stuff. for spaces, introduce _. for example In_Credential instead of “In Credential”

It should be something similar to below naming conventions

Hope it works


Wow ! Thanks for the solution.It worked .


PFB , I am getting below error


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Can any one help me on above issue

Don’t leave any rows blank in the asset sheet that’s one of the reasons it says key not present. While entering assets and their values , enter them row by row.