The given key not present in Dictionary


Can Anyone help me please.
Tried so many times. Still couldn’t figure out where the error is.

Trying to read data from excel and print data from excel in REframework

while reading data from excel from config file, its giving me error.

Here are my workflow screen shots

Well, my guess is maybe you have some blank space in your excel cell there…

Also, check for any other references to your dictionary. It may be a different key causing the error.


Can you run it in debug mode and show us the “content” of in_Config, please?

Try putting double quotes in the Value tab of your excel.
You may want to try removing the extension from the name of excel file.

Try Logging with config values to confirm that the config is being read properly.
If yes, try adding another read range with another excel file placed inside the project folder.


thank you. In order to see the values, could you please expand the display until we can spot anything interesting?

EDIT: I don’t have my studio here to check but I guess your dictionary is empty. You might want to check if the result of InitAllSettings is passed as expected to your in_Config.


EDIT: not saying that there is no dictionary but that your dictionary is empty.

EDIT 2: Please run the project in debug mode (F5)

Yes, that’s the case. Check in your Init state that by accident the Config value is not lost. You could also add an invoke workflow with InitiAllSettings just before using in_Config to see if the problem is not at InitAllSettings level


No Spaces in config Excel file for


I didn’t get it exactly where i need to check it.


Go to the InitAllSettings file and debug from there, something may be wrong and your config file is not read at all…

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In read range remove the range as “A1” it should be nothing


Hope this helps