Key dictionary error

check this solution please and try


While calling key name with in_config dictionary variable make sure that the key name is present in the Excel and is not mis-spelled or used the one which is not there in the excel itself under NAME column

Kindly check that once
Cheers @Soudios

This what i have :


You should be using Config(“System1_Credential”).ToString, “HASH” is the value, when you call a dictionary, you want to use the key. :slight_smile:

You were almost done
Like from excel the Name column is called as dictionary key name
While Value column is for that dictionary key’s corresponding valuen

So here we need to mention as @MaxyArthes said Config(“System1_Credential”).ToString which will give us “HASH” as value

cheers @Soudios

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but before i need to use read range right ?

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Exactly buddy

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