Advanced Training(Academy 2) - Lesson 3

Hi guys ? I’m trying to finish this lesson but I caught a problem with invoke workflow file activity.

When I try to invoke the “login” workflow I have this problem here:

Error Message “The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: Invoke Login workflow: mscorlib”.

Could help me, please ? :pray:

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Recheck the spelling between your passed Argument values (those “Config(“YourKeyHere”).ToString”) and the config.xlsx file.
I’ve got a couple of those as well and it’s basically just typos.

Also check if the values are properly saved in the invoke arguments, as it sometimes doesn’t save changes properly (which is a PITA to debug).

@andrzej.kniola look! All things is okay [ I think :joy: ]

I think the issue is form “secureString” because that is from “mscorlib.dll” assembly, is it possible ? make sense to you ?


Config file

Login file

You’re missing an n in System1_Credential.
It’s System1_Credetial in your invoke workflow, while its fine in the WriteLine.

Typos… The bane of dictionaries :wink:


@andrzej.kniola ThankU !!! You really help me soo much.

Two days and I could’t see it.

Party in Brazil ! :tada: :confetti_ball: :tada: :confetti_ball: :fireworks:



Hi! I have the same issue, but I have no typos. What’s the problem???

Did you remove some entry from the config file?
ex: logF_BusinessProcessName