TFS Dialogue Box at Checkout is missing

When I attempt to check out a project from TFS in Studio, I’m not being given the option to either “Check out latest and edit” or “Open local as read only” via the popup dialogue?
The project downloads successfully from TFS, but all the files are flagged as read only.
The project has previously been edited in Studio and saved to TFS and then the project folder has subsequently been deleted from my computer. As far as I can tell, none of the files in the project are flagged as checked out in TFS.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Following further investigation of this problem on another computer, I’ve noticed that although the project is successfully downloaded from TFS, the steps where the Dependencies are downloaded and the Workspace is created are not being performed. These steps normally occur before the popup dialogue is displayed.

It appears as though the TFS download process is either not executing properly, or is skipping steps for some reason?

Can someone from UiPath please provide some feedback on what steps / logic occurs during the TFS download process to help me troubleshoot what is occurring.

For anyone who’s interested, I finally managed to track this problem down to the TFS workspaces being messed up due to the same user working on one UiPath project across a number of laptops. The solution was to work out which laptop had the locked project in TFS, check the project in, or break the lock, and the log into TFS via Visual Studio and clear all the workspaces for the user.