Source Control Integration UiPath-Azure Devops TFS Error TF400022 - Checkout Locks Are Disabled When Asynchronous Checkout In Server Workspaces Is Enabled

UiPath project Checkout with ADO TFS is failing - TF400022: The item $/VMSNet/xxxxx/Main.xaml cannot be locked for checkout in workspace IN01SFDUN3F0CEK_xxxxxx. Checkout locks are disabled when asynchronous checkout in server workspaces is enabled.

The error "Checkout locks are disabled when asynchronous checkout in server workspaces is enabled" is thrown when the project is checked in into the TFS with Studio and if the same project opened with another tool like Visual Studio so the server or local workspace asynchronous checkout setting gets enabled in Team->Team project collection settings-> source control->workspace settings.

More observations:

  • UiPath Studio creates its own workspace "_" which is completely independent from any other workspaces
  • If using Visual Studio to get a local copy, it will be done in a separate workspace, so make sure to use a different local folder than the copy done by UiPath Studio - inconsistency is observed
  • To use Visual Studio to manage local copy from the UiPath's "_" workspace (check-in/out, etc.), but it is not recommended

To fix a potential issue, reset the environment:

  • using Visual Studio - unlink all the workspaces from the local copies
  • manually delete all the local copy project folders
  • use only UiPath Studio to get the latest from TFS

Follow the below approach:

  1. Disconnect Studio from TFS.
  2. Remove the existing TFS project folder from local.
  3. Open Visual Studio & clone the repository of Azure Devops.
  4. Open the project by selecting the project.
  5. Once the project gets opened remove the workspace as mentioned in screenshot.
  1. Now, connect Studio with TFS and checkout the project from TFS into the local.
  2. It should now be possible to check in & check out the project.

Even MS does not support using multiple instances of workspace within Visual Studio . Refer Create And Work With Workspaces.