Test Extraction Shows Data As Expected -- Empty Datatable When Ran

I am using an Extract Table Data activity within a Use Application activity. When I click ‘Test Extraction’ and preview the data, it seems to be working as expected – I see all of the data that I want to extract. However, when I run the workflow, the datatable turns up empty. I have validated the selectors and have made sure that my datatable variable scope is set to the full scope of the workflow.

Hi @LaHood_AM ,

Check that you are correctly passing the application object to the Extract Table Data activity. You should be passing the application object that you get from the Use Application activity. Also, make sure that the table selector you are using is valid and is targeting the correct table on the page. If the table selector is valid, you may need to add a Wait Element activity to make sure the table has loaded before the Extract Table Data activity is executed.


Hi @RajKumar_DC

Check whether the datatable variable is created twice in two different scopes


Are you referring to the Output Element in the properties of the Use Application activity? If so, I have created a variable here, but I do not see where I can pass this to the Extract Table Data activity

I have checked and there is only one datatable variable