Table extraction activity extracting data but not saving in datatable


I have a process extracting data from a table on a website. This is an ordinary HTML table. The extraction seems to work fine. When doing a test extraction in the Extract Table Data activity, the data shows up correct.

However, in the locals window only the table headers shows for the data table. (The headers I have set) The data being extracted never makes it to the data table vaiable, so the result is nothing is being extracted.

Does anyone have any idea what can cause it, or how I can investigate this issue further since it shows correctly in the test extraction?

Hi @Evert_Randers ,

This might be due to the scope of the datatable variable you have used in the extraction activity. Can you check it?


The scope is correct.

Hi Evert,
I have the exact same issue here. Did you manage to find a solution, or an eventual workaround?

Best regards.


I had yesterday the same issue with two table extraction activities. Both were having the same behaviour. Don’t ask me why but in both cases, I deleted the activity and then created it again several times, and it only worked for me if I didn’t change the name of the datatable it generates automatically (ExtractDataTable).

Hope it helps someone that is having the same issue. If meanwhile someone finds the correct explanation, please be kind to share with the community.

Best regards.

Here to vouch that this workaround was successful for me as well, as long as you don’t customize the name of the saved output, it will work properly.

I experienced the same thing, and I would also note not to change the column name as well.