Table Data extraction result not being written to datatable


I am extracting data from a webpage using “Extract Table Data” activity. Using the “Test Extraction” in the activity dropdown it is showing that the data is selected correct, and everything is looking good.

However, the selected data is not being saved to the datatable variable. (Yes, the scope is set correctly)

I am unable to find any reason for this, and have tried everything I can think of, so maybe one of you guys have a tip for what can cause this?

I am using the Windows version, all activities are updated to latest version, and the browser is Chrome.

set a breakpoint and debug. When get paused by the breakpoint use the debugging panels and inspect the extraction result:
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So, pretty strange. The “Test Extraction” is working, and it is possible to write the test extraction data to a CSV and download. But, no data is being saved to the datatable. Checking the table in the locals window it is empty.

this can happen. In such a case we would recommend to cross-check the selector of the data scrapping / table extraction. feel free to share your xaml / implementation details with us

Hi, after doing some more testing found that the extraction process is working fine in Windows legacy, but not at all in Windows.

Are there any changes in the Windows version that can cause these problems to happen?

any results, was it correct after exit the wizard?

No, nothing seems to work in Windows, but everything works in Windows legacy. (Everything meaning different activities like screenscraping, datascraping, done by recording or not)

No able to find any selector that get validated in UI explorer using Windows, but no problem in Legacy

you can adapt / correct afterwards manually