Extract table data gets nothing after executing 1st loop

I have a project where I have to extract data table from 1 website with different date using Extract Table Data activity. I ran it in a loop with date range e.g from 1st Dec to 31th Dec. On the first loop everything got extracted correctly, but when automation starts the 2nd loop it can’t get any data from the website even though when the table are displayed correctly on the website. Any1 gots an idea what is the problem here that the Extract Table Data activity not getting any data on 2nd run in loop?

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Hello @Dawid_Nguyen

Can you share a screenshot of workflow that you have created? Did you tried in debug mode and check whether the Table extraction is working. Sometimes if there is a delay in Table loading, this issue happens.


The issue may be slowness or selector changes while you are moving to next page.


As i said before I checked it, since i did run the automation. Even delay does nothing since i have already use it. And the table was fully loaded since i give it some time(delay) before the Extract Table Data start.

The selector didnt change. Since i have checked it too.