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Hello there,

I need help with my terminal session. I need to send “PageUp” key in order to move through lines quicker. However, I am not able to send it. Every other button from F1 to Shift+F10 works but “PageUp” and “PageDown” is not working.
Also, I’ve tried sending a hotkey command but it is not working as well.
On my desktop terminal. PageUp key is assigned as PREV and PageDown as NEXT

Could you please help me with this issue? Thank you in advance.
Also, my configuration settings are;
Type: VT
Protocol: TELNET
Encoding: ASCII
SSL: not enabled


Did this thread help you resolve this

Cheers @cangulen

I’ve actually seen this but it does not clearly explains it. What does he mean by assigning a new key to another one? Since the thread is closed I was not able to reply to it. Sorry for making a duplicate topic.
@md.kashif464 → Could you please help me with the issue that you have already solved.

You need to update the keyboard setting / key settings in your terminal application. I was using JD Edwards, and I had assigned ‘Page Down’ functionality to ‘F8’ and then I was sending ‘F8’ and it worked. Sending ‘Page Down’ was not working using UiPath.

Hope it clarifies, also let me know if you require further help.

Firstly, thank you for your return. However, I am using direct connection as my provider. I am not able to use IBM EHLLAPI. I am using PowerTerm and below are my only DLL’s available. My PowerTerm is not Interconnect version maybe that’s why I don’t have this option.

Is there any way to change key bindings in the built-in terminal for UIpath?


Can you launch PowerTerm without UiPath?

Sure I can. I am actually using it daily without any problem. I believe it is some kind of lite edition. It is called PowerTerm 525.

Great, now you need to go into ‘options’, and look for ‘key mapping’ or any similar setting.
Let me know if you would need screen sharing session.

Don’t think of mainframe (terminal session) as typing into like a normal app. There are control commands mainframes accept for all these things. That’s what the Send Control Key activity is for.

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Don’t use this terminal software. Just use Direct Connection as your connection method in your Terminal Session activity. It’s the built-in UiPath terminal client and it is far more reliable than trying to use a third party terminal app.