"Send Control Key" from activities package terminal emulator do not work correctly


I am trying to automate Terminal emulator process, I am using the provider UIpath Internal. The problem is that I need send “Page Down” I am using “send control key” terminal activity, I put the page down, but his behavior is like a “tab” or “down arrow”, how to
I use send keys activity for terminal emulator to send “page down” correctly? or how I coluld use the other activity “send keys” with a VB epression for send a “page down” correctly?



I was able to get it to work by sending control key F8.

I spent more time than I should have on this myself. After some googling I found a page regarding terminal keys. The chart with program function keys found there is helpful for other issues I’ve had.

I’m using UiPath internal and TN5250 btw.

Hi Tyler,
F8 is not working for pagedown is there any alternate option.

I had the same issue.
Send Control Key → PA1
Send Control Key → F1 - F12

For anything beyond F12
Send Control Key → PA2
Send Control Key → F1 - F12

Hope this helps.

But unfortunately, the Delete and Page Down are also not working. This solution does not apply to them

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Hi @edwin09

Try to indicate the screen based on terminal session activity and then configure the terminal and try to indicate the screen by using Uiexplorer it Will work