"Send Control Key" from activities package terminal emulator do not work correctly




I am trying to automate Terminal emulator process, I am using the provider UIpath Internal. The problem is that I need send “Page Down” I am using “send control key” terminal activity, I put the page down, but his behavior is like a “tab” or “down arrow”, how to
I use send keys activity for terminal emulator to send “page down” correctly? or how I coluld use the other activity “send keys” with a VB epression for send a “page down” correctly?



I was able to get it to work by sending control key F8.

I spent more time than I should have on this myself. After some googling I found a page regarding terminal keys. The chart with program function keys found there is helpful for other issues I’ve had.

I’m using UiPath internal and TN5250 btw.