Page Down Key Stroke not working in Uipath Emulator

Hi Folks ,
I am planning to move from third party emulator to Uipath’s Emulator for mainframe automation. When tested the code, the Page Down keystroke is not getting reflected in the emulator and no error was thrown by the UiPath. Provided the Connection Details below ,

Terminal activity version : 2.0.1.
Uipath Version : 2018.4.5
Mainframe Terminal : IBM-3477-FC
Connection Configuration used
Provider : Direct Connection
Type: TN5250
Communication : Telnet
Encoding : IBM 037
Let me know if there is any solution for this issue and Thanks in advance

@Sri_Devi Please show us the workflow and also the properties of the activity.

@Michael ,

           We already provided the required details in previous thread regarding the  Terminal Connections and Property Details of the activities . We use the Normal Keyboard Page Down Key stroke to navigate Pages which is  logic we use and worked on Third party Emulator and not working on Uipath Emulator . Since the Work flow is client restricted we unable to show Screen shots. Kindly let us know if any further specific details required  and Thanks in advance

Hi @Sri_Devi did u use send control key activity for it ?

Yes we use Terminal Activities - Control Key Activity Press Page Down Key stroke . We use following parameters in the Activities

  1. Delay - 300 MS
  2. Timeout - 30000 MS
  3. Wait Type - Complete

Kindly let us any further information needed . Thanks in Advance