Terminal Send Control Key (Insert/Page Down) not working

I am trying to automate Terminal process.
The problem is that the Send Control Key activity does not work properly with Insert and Page Down,It works fine with Transmit key, tab, down etc. But if a send Insert or Page Down it just get ignored, nothing happens.

As alternative I am using Attach Window Activity and then using Send Hot key activity with Insert key. but some time it fails in unattended mode.


Welcome to UiPath forum. Which terminal you are using. Is it rocket bluezone or any other emulator.
You can give some delay so that it will get some time before moving to next step.

Hope it helps.

I am using IBM EHLLAPI to Connect Terminal
For Testing I am executing single Send Control Key with Insert Option selected but still its Ignoring.

Is it possible we use Invoke method activity and inside it we can invoke SendControlKey method with connection object?

To use Insert I have also tried “@I” in send keys activity but it still not working,other keys like for F1 if I use “@1” it is working.