Terminal Send Control Key (F12) not working

I am trying to automate Terminal process.
The problem is that the Send Control Key activity does not work properly with function keys such as: F5, F7, F12, etc. It work find with Transmit key, tab, down etc. But if a send F12 it just get ignored, nothing happens.

I am using Attachmate Extra with the following configuration:
• WYSE 60/50+

Your help is highly appreciated.

Try using Send Control Key PA1 and next the function key.

For function keys above 12 use PA2 and the lower number


@matthias.sevenant, this works perfectly. Thank you!

add another Send Control Key activity above the function key but select PA1 (it is part of the possible selections)

Hi, I am trying to send F22 for my fuctionality. I tries PA2 and PA3. Unfortunately, both are not working Appreciate any help on this

In our case we had to use a work around. the send key of the terminal services didn’t work with F keywords. We had to use the Send Hot Key activity of the UiElement and select the windows terminal client as the target.

Thanks for your reply. Actually, the PA2 + F10 working for F22. I had to close and open the IDE again.

Now the issue is, Delete and Page Down are not working as expected. Any suggestions please


You can use the same strategy but with the SendHotKey activity. Basically you need to send the hotkey to the window of the Terminal Client.



how i can send escape ?

You’re digging up a 6 year old post.

You should make a new post with your question.

Anyway, you send escape with the Send Control Key activity.