Mainframe send control key problem

Hi, i’ve a problem with control key in terminal, everything work fine except for F1,F2,F3, and so on…
I’ve seen the configuration keyboard and it’s just F5, idea to how can i fix it?
Thanks in advance


Pls check this thread for more ideas

If not resolved let us know

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Normal send hotkey doesn’t work unfortunately

Check for the other key combinations that can be configured in MAINFRAME and let’s try with both Send control keys or send hot keys

So typically the VT3270 terminal PF01 to PF12 keys are mapped to F1 to F12 PC keys and VT3270 keys PF13 to PF24 are mapped to Shift + (offeseted) F* PC Keys.

PF13 = Shift + F1
PF14 = Shift + F2
PF15 = Shift + F3 ( and this is what you need)

PF24 = Shift + F12.

Check which terminal you are using

Cheers @legiw18734

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I’ve found any combination through send keys and it’s not working at all(the f3 button), while the send control key does not take the selector

Hmm where we able to do co ordinates instead of short keys


Nothing to do, unfortunately…
If i change the hotkeys settings from the terminal then they are not effective in embedded uipath windows, is there another way to modify them on the uipath side?

did you also try:


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Hmm May be let’s try combining other options

If we are trying to access a element with hot key or control key then let’s try to access that with COMPUTER VISION

Did we try that option

Thanks, i’ve just seen all the docs, but the send control key of uipath doesn’t work in the embedded terminal, the send control key of the terminal activities doesn’t work for f1,f2,f3,f4,f5, even managing the keyboard settings

let’s sort it out in detail if needed. We used the different Fx keys in some projects without any issue.

we heard from some weird scenario, when keys were mapped to other functions and did fail. Then it was checked with the proper selector on send hotkey and the chr(intOfCharCode) option.

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my problem is that changing the fx keys from the terminal configuration manager are not received by uipath…

Another option was to try to use uipath’s send hotkey, but being a terminal I have no function keys visible on the screen, and I can’t send hotkeys…

considering that the embedded window opened by uipath appears in task manager as uipath.executor.exe - connection xxx, which selector should I give it to try to pass hotkeys with uipath’s send hotkeys activity and not that of the terminal?

anyone here?