Taxonomy Manager Blank


This is a known issue as described in the official doc: Taxonomy Manager

The cause is because of the Intel Xe CPU, as described in this article: Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Don’t...
We recommend you check whether you use such a GPU and update the graphics driver to the latest version as documented on Intel’s page (Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Don’t...)

Let me know if this doesn’t solve your issue,

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Hi Monica,
I am having same issue with my Dell Inspiron laptop, The windows update showed the intel display driver - which I have installed but still the issue is same. Is this something with Uipath 21.4 version? will there be fix in the latest version?

Hello Raji,

Would you mind updating to the latest package version and see whether the issue is still reproducible? It should ideally be working.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

@RajiP ,
The problem is with the display driver version. You should have at least version, as mentioned in the link posted by @Monica_Secelean: Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Don’t...

Hi Monica,

Thanks for the update, however I tried installing the new version driver from microsoft website and that has resolved the display issues. The same is discussed in the GIT community for which you have shared the link.


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I’m also having this issue. Happens with Taxonomy, Form Designer… all those sort of pop-out windows from Studio.

Workaround is to re-size the window between each click/type or shift it from one screen to another if you are using multiple screens.

I’ve tried to install the latest graphics driver but that hasn’t seemed to resolve it :frowning:

The driver hadn’t installed correctly first time. Had to start over, uninstall current driver, re-install the new one and it’s now installed correctly and the issue is resolved.

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