tableRow property not showing in button - Video Demo

I’m working with the Video demo - Dynamic Unified Target, and when the button is selected, it shows the tableRow property but not in my case, I can only see something like this:


what am I doing wrong?

Hi @dorellana ,

Try opening the selector in ui explorer and check if tableRow exists in the unselected items, if yes then check the box adjacent to it. Then the tableRow should appear in your selector.



I think it is already showing but with different attribute

Here it shows like role=‘row’ idx=‘2’

So idx is ur row index that u r looking for
U can use the same attribute to include any changes that you were actually planning to do with tablerow

Cheers @dorellana


Looks like your ui framework is set to active accessibility…

Open ui explorer and click on options on roght top and go to ui framework and seect default or ui automation

Then you would see tablerow

Else if you use the same then you need to go with idx