Dynamic Selector Error for TableRow (Web)

Hi All,

I have this error of having not the selector found by UiPath. I pre-defined my “RowCount” as static and have a value of 1 [int32]. Then upon running the code, I observed that “Tablerow” is still equals to “0”.

I tried one solution on another post to put the selector in a variable. Here’s my variable:

DynamicEngLead = “”

Here’s the error:

Click ‘IMG’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Any help will do. Thanks.

ps: i change the url and some details. please focus on table row.

Hi @homerivera,
First of all you need to check how the original selector for the element is looking like. Then you need to rebuild it and paste your variable instead of element which will be counting through the rows.

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