Mouse Click Selector not working

Hi Experts,

I have problem with Mouse click in the first image i got IDX number but now i try click same button and same site i didn’t get IDX number. Please help me out from this problem.


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if possible kindly share the selector of the click activity
and i would suggest like
–just select that button as element with click activity and enable the simulate click property in the property panel and try once
–no need to worry on selector

or if we want idx attribute in specific kindly share the selector
Cheers @karampuri_sathish

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Thank you for quick response @Palaniyappan.
Please check below screen shot. image

But now in the same site and same button i can’t get idx number or index number.



Instead of idx number try to use Button Name or aaname

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Hi Amaresan,

Can you please explain in brief. I don’t know to use as am knew to UiPath.

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click on the element again
–open this selector editor
–choose open ui explorer
–there in the right side enable attribute aaname and that will get added to the selector

that would work for sure and you were good so far with the selector and make sure that the dynamic parts are replaced with wildcards like *

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @karampuri_sathish

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Got a Solution. Thank you for help.

I have using Send Hot Key as Tab

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