TableRow not getting back proper data


I wanted to create a dynamic selector for which I need the value of tableRow. But it stays as 1 even if I select different rows. Its not changing. Whereas I am getting back proper results for tableCol. Can anyone please help me with this?


Did we try with GET ATTRIBUTE activity to get the tablerow attribute value

Cheers @Bhat

You have to show us what you’re doing, screenshots of your activities and how they’re configured, etc. Otherwise we can’t help.

Hi! I tried this but I’m still getting tableRow as 1 even though I selected an item in row 4

This is the tableRow I was talking about. The number stays 1 even if I selected row number 4

Is this from a web page? Give us the URL.

If not, show us a screenshot. Show us the entire selector etc from Ui Explorer.

You have to give us details or we can’t help you.

View the HTML and save it into a text file, then post it here. It may be an oddly designed table. You might be picking up a header or footer row or something like that. I’ve had a similar issue with HTML tables.

Thank you for getting back. I really appreciate your help.

I need the HTML of the entire page, in a text file, so that I can open it in my browser and inspect it.