Dynamic Selector not working in web

I have created the dynamic selector but it didn’t move to the next line as expected. Pls see attached files.
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Flowchart_Dynamic.xaml (24.5 KB)
Supplier_list.xlsx (14.5 KB)

Appreciate any help.


Hi @apeterg,

At which activity the code throwing error?
Image file is missing and there is no URL in Open Browser activity.
Can you please provide the same.


As id attribute is unique in the web page, table row is unnecessary in this case, I think. So can you try to remove tableRow attribute?



Hello @apeterg

You check the value of the Dynamic variable that you are using the selector.
Also, make sure the selector is valid after adding the dynamic variable.


Hi Yoichi,

Both count1 and count2 in the selector are unique for each row.
For Row 1 is 0, 2
For Row 2 is 1, 3
For Row 3 is 2, 4

Thus I have count1 +1 and count2 +1 at the end of the activities.
I need to get data from Excel and input into the fields Supplier_ID as shown.


Thank you.

Hi Shahid,

There is no error, is just that after the data (Supplier_ID) enter into the first line, it doesn’t go (loop) to second line. Sorry thsi is a ERP system and unable to share the link.
Thank you.



The correct way to do this is to use For Each UI Element to loop through the rows, or the extract data wizard to get the data into a datatable and loop through that.