Data scraping next page not working (Chrome)

Hello I need to scrape the first 50 search results. I clicked “yes” to the multiple page question and clicked the “Next” as the NextLinkSelector, but the code only extracts what’s on the first page.

the nextlinkselector auto generated:
"<webctrl tag='TABLE' /><webctrl aaname='Next' parentid='pnnext' tableRow='1' tag='SPAN' />"

can someone please help?

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@lynnsong986 First select first row of Table then in next, select any similar pattern.
Then click yes for multiple page option

my problem is not with the data but the next page


Can you confirm if you have indicated a next button or you indicated a page number to go to next page.

Ideally if the navigation is like this 1 2 3 4 >>

Then you have to indicate >> this as next button


@lynnsong986 Yes got it button I think you are not picking right selector in right sequence.

There is a right arrow and a next button, I selected the next button


As per selector i see you selected a span…can you try selecting some element which has a tag of A or button


looks like the arrow and the next button both just a span, anything else I could use here?


Hi @lynnsong986 is it possible to share that link that you’re trying to extract?


If you hiver around next …you would find a selector for A as well…can you please hover and check


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Thank you so much for your help, yes I did see the selector with “A” and now it works.

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