Data Scraping does not click next button



I’m trying to extract a Table from a web page using the Data Scraping wizard. Everything works fine for the first page, but it does not click the arrow for the next page.

If I copy the selector from the NextLinkSelector property and use it in a Click activity, it clicks the button. Why does it not work in the Extract Structured Data activity?

Thanks in advance!


Hello there,
Do you have any sample url or could you please attach workflow?


Workflow file is here. I can’t provide a sample URL because it is an internal site and you need a login.
Main.xaml (7.2 KB)


Can’t say much without URL :frowning: ,However i see MaxNumberOfResult set to 0
Is that intentional ? keep 100 and try.


MaxNumberOfResult is set to 0 because there might be more than 100 (the default) rows. 0 should take everything.

I just don’t understand why the selector for the Next button works in a Click Activity, but not in the NextLinkSelector…


Just for the curiosity did you scrape each column one by on or did it prompt to scrape entire table at once?


It prompted to scrape the entire table. I clicked yes and then indicated the Next arrow because the data spans multiple pages.


i see :thinking: can you please click no and start in conventional way choosing one by one column if possible and then finally next page button.


I tried, but still not successful…


ok one last thing and then will add QA team.
Please use UiExplorer and get the full selector of next button and then pass to NextLinkSelector.


The only thing I can find is that the Next button itself is ‘part’ of the table, both have the same parent ID (EgoItemAssignedOrgTable). And according to the documentation, the NextLinkSelector should be relative to ExistingUiElement. Could this be an issue?

The selector that identifies the link/button used to navigate to the next page. Should be relative to the ExistingUiElement property.

I already tried a full selector, but does not solve the issue…

Thanks for the help so far!




I have the same problem.
At work, I use a web application dedicated to Internet Explorer. I am trying to download the table but
Data Scraping does not click next page button.
The problem is on Internet Explorer.
In Chrom works properly with the same selector.

I have a problem because I have to do it in Internet Explorer. In Chrome, the app does not work correctly.
Thanks for the help so far!