Next Selector Link is not working

Hi, i’m trying to extract data from a website. The data extraction is working correctly using the Data Scraping wizard. However, when i’m trying to indicate the next button which is as follow 1 , i’m getting error this error “Selected item might not work for getting new results” .Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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It seems that

Text inside the button always changes depending upon no of results which is being left.

So in next page selector, make the part where it is displaying the “5569 More Results” as dyanmic by replacing the no with asterisk sign (*)

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Hi NIVED_NAMBIAR, thanks for your quick response. I tried to edit that selector with a wild card. But there is no such thing in the NextLinkSelector 3 . I’m totally in a puzzle how to solve this. It would be great if you can guide me in this regard.

Can u show UI explorer screenshot?

Hi, thanks for your guidance, i’m able to fix the problem by examining with UiExplorer. It is now working correctly. Thanks a lot.

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