Systems changes my selector leading to error

Hi all! I have a problem. I need to click on a specific button in a table. I am using the IU Explorer to set the selectors of the button I need to click on. In this selector I will use a variable to indicate the exact person/button inside the table to click on.
The thing is, when I indicate the element with IU Explorer, and I try to validate my selection it shows green OK. In this case, I had an idx index in the selector that I do not like, and I removed it; no problem, the validation still showed green OK. However, when I closed the window and went back to my project and executed it, I had an error, and when I openend the IU Explorer to see where was the problem, the thing I saw is that the selector had been changed by the system autonomally. I show the three screens. Could anyone help me to understand the reason for this behaviour of UiPath and how to solve it? Thank you very much in advance.


looks like that your attach browser is generating the wrong full selector, you can use another attach browser or else change the one that you had and map the correct selector again, change selector or add activity applies also if you are working in modern with use application/browser activity



Please use this activity outside attach browser…

Because the selector you are using I beleive is of active accessibility…so html wont be the selector…wnd will be the main selector so do not use in attach browser …you can use in attach window or separately this part of activity as a stand alone


Thank you very much both of you. I will try and come back to explain results. Thanks a lot.

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No. I cannot get rid of this problem.

I don’t know why, but system keeps introducing that first line in my selector, that with idx=“*”, and then the project throws an error when I run it.

Another piece of information: the problem occurs when I point to a combo-box, not when I try to write into a white free text box. Does it make any sense? Thanks

It happened to me too. I ended trying to solve the issue using anchors as a workaround.