Selector is valid but UiPath can't find element

Hi all,

This is happening to me more and more these days, any ideas?

This has also happened with Excel and clicking on the Data tab at the top of the ribbon. All activities/packages are the most recent/updated.

Hi @Alex_Cross

Try to make it Dyamic by adding wildcards in attribute.


As you can see, this is in _Sandbox (where I play around and try things) and the attach browser and click both show as validated - even though they don’t seem to work? - and then when I copy and paste into the main process (which broke as it could no longer found the click element, hence the rework) they are no longer valid despite being copy and paste…what’s going on?

The title has wildcards in it already and it’s just very simple and doesn’t have any variables in it, just the name of the site - the wildcard is there just to shorten it basically

Hi @Alex_Cross,

Can you try to indicate element and click on element from the file you are trying to access eventually?

Does selector that comes up there is any different from what you captured in your sandbox file? Please compare. This will help identify the root cause.

Also, just to clarify, both files are referring to same environment URL’s/element, right?


Hello @Alex_Cross , I imagine that you are using an “OPEN Browser” well that activity gives an Output (Variable Type Browser) you can use that variable as Input in the Attach Browser, maybe that can help.

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Don’t use a selector for Attach Browser. When you first open the browser, store the object in a variable. Then later if you need to attach to it again, use the variable.

Hello, maybe you need a delay before the selector process, because sometimes the process run before page appears, maybe you can add like 1 or 2-sec delay to wait browser to load