Sub Menu Disappears after 3 seconds pause

trying to automate this link:
I am trying to click on a sub category after hovering over a category but the sub category disappears after the delay of 3 seconds is over and hence, I cannot click on it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hover mouse on a category option
  2. Then click on any sub menu(Dress, Tops etc)

I followed the process mentioned in the below link:

How to Capture a Mouse Event on Hover Menus?

How to Capture Mouse Event on Hover Menus? UiPath Studio Guides.

but the submenu disappears as soon as the 3 seconds are over.
Sending hotkey, 3 seconds pause did not work.

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Hover.xaml (7.9 KB)

Please refer this working fine for me…!

Note: Check Simulate Click option

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I got the error while opening and running the file

while debugging (2.4 KB)

seems to be a version problem. I’m using 2018.4.3

Sent the solution with project.json file.

open the site in IE browser and test it.

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My version- 2019.9
this worked and the sub menu option “dresses” was clicked. But what if I want to click other options like jeans, leather present at bottom of sub menu?

You need to change the selector of click activity with as per your needs.

I changed the selector with respect to the submenu options I wanted to click and it worked fine on IE. But the same selector is not working on chrome and firefox.
Nelow is the selector I am using:

For Chrome, you have install UIPATH extension in chrome.

And dont use IE selectors, develop freshly in chrome. It will work.