Unable to click on sub menu on hovering

Hi ,

i have to click on an element that is visible on hover.

I tried with this tutorial: Manual Recording

However, when my recorder gets active after pressing F2, the hovered submenu disappears. Hence, unable to record it.


To be honest I used the recorder only once and I’m not an expert on how it Works, for me it’s easier using the activities pannel instead of the recorder.

After you record the hoover, give an F2 and mannually hoover the mouse untill the submenu appears and then wait until the three seconds to end. Then the screen will freeze again with the submenu open, so you’ll be able to select the elemento that you need to click.

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Hi @Yan_Boos

The issue that i am facing is the screen is not getting freeze after 3 seconds. As soon as 3 seconds end, the sub menu also closes.

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Try to use the Click activity instead of the recorder and see if you still get the same problem.


Try using ‘Send Hotkey’ like down arrow and then enter.

Hi this is the screen which i am trying to automate. I need to hover on the profile icon and tap on logout button.


@surbhi , I’ve found some javascript web menus that hide themself when trying to automate with Click activity. F2 pause doesn’t work because when time finishes, the menu hides again. Send Hotkey doesn’t work neither.

I’ve only found one possibility: F2 and then Click Image activity. Then draw a square around the text (or image) menú where you want to click.

That should work.



can you please share a sample.

I am also facing the same issue. I am trying to automate flipkart, when i hover over any category menu after pressing F2, the submenu appears, but after the timeout, the submenu hides. This happens with majority of the latest websites

This works! @miguel-angel.calvo
Anyone has other solution please provide

After hitting the F2 Right-click on the element you want to click. It should detect.


Use below two activity.

  1. click - to select the menu .
  2. click image trigger - to select desired sun menu.


@miguel-angel.calvo could you please explain this in detail. I am trying do record a sub-menu which is getting disabled when accessing through UiPath. No luck so far. Please explain how to freeze the web page and click on the desired sub-menu.

In which browser you are trying?

Hi @Ashish_Verma,

I am using IE browser. The app i am trying to automate will on work in IE.

Don’t record. Use click activity. Press F2 for delay and the then click on sub-menu item.

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Hi @Ashish_Verma,

I got this message when trying do use click activity and F2.


may I know which site you are trying to automate?

Hi @Ashish_Verma,

That is private website for our Department. I couldn’t share those details.

I have used attach browser activity and placed click activity inside it.
I have checked the SimulateClick option under the property panel for Click Activity