Sub Menu disappears while performing hover and click

I am trying to click on a sub category after hovering over a category but the sub category disappears after the delay of 3 seconds is over and hence, I cannot click on it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hover mouse on a category option
  2. Then click on any sub menu(Dress, Tops etc)

I followed the process mentioned in the below link:

but the submenu disappears as soon as the 3 seconds are over.
Sending hotkey, 3 seconds pause did not work.

One way this could work is by doing 2 clicks: First for the sub menu to appear, and second for clicking on the desired element.
Use the Ui Explorer to get the selector of the desired element from the sub-menu. In browsers, sub elements will usually be in a list, so you should be able to find the element.

Hi @Ashish_Verma,
Have you tried to use Web Recording? It will just record each step and bunch them all together without pasting manually each activity.

This doesn’t work as the web recording doesn’t allow sub menu to appear when mouse is hover onto the main menu.

I will need to check how this works.

Hey Ashish , I am new to UIPATH but struggling with same issue. Did you find any solution ?

It seems Hover then click is not possible .

First try automation that functionality in IE and it might work.
For me chrome was causing issue but not IE.
Also, you can first identify the selector in IE and then run the same workflow in chrome.

I will try and get back … thank you

my problem was when i try to click on the date in date picker, i cannot use click because when i hover the calendar disappeared. I cannot use TYPE INTO activity as the text box is disabled.

So, what i did to solve it was i used CLICK activity. Indicate target, i chose hoverable elements selection - F6

Because i need date from and date to, i created 2 of this activity and it solved the problem. It works regardless of the browser type

hope this helps