Studio has Robot Error Status

My Studio has connected and licensed in UiPath Assistant but
I got Robot Error status in the footer panel. hence, I cannot fetch Data from Orchestrator Assets and Queues. but the weird thing is I still can publish my project as normal.

this error is shown suddenly without any changes. we don’t know what was wrong. we have 2 studios with the same configuration and another studio is working as normal.

therefore, I guess this is a bug from Studio.

Error Reason : Exception of type ‘UiPath.RestAPI.RestException’ was thrown

anyway, the studio version I am using is 2020.10.2

please help, thank you in advance,

Hi @irahmat

Could you go to Assistant and check the robot status there? (hover over the color circle)

thanks for fast response,
I hope this image you want. sorry for bad quality due to we do not allow to print scren.

more error detail from Event Viewer

Can you please check your program files and look for installed programs? Please post a print screen with a query for “UiPath”? (find my example)

Hi Alex,

I solved the issue by add exception IP address in the proxy


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