Getting robot error

Getting robot error on UiPath studio status bar even though my community license shows expiry in 2024. I am using 2023.4 version. Please help.

Hi @neha.verma, welcome to the Community.

Can you please share the error message that you are receiving?

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here is the error and I don’t get an option to publish my xamls to orchestrator tenant.

I am able to run the studio project locally but unable to publish and run it from assistant directly.

I have a robot setup in orchestrator, please help in fixing this issue.



This issue occurs when a Robot which is not locally licensed runs a workflow for the second time, but with the connection to Orchestrator lost for more than 30 minutes.

Please refer the following doc for the issue resolution:

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Hi @arjunshenoy , I am now getting this error when I signed out and tried connecting to UiPath assistant again.

I am logged in at orchestartor but UiPath assistant throws this error.

Please advise.


Hi @neha.verma

Could you try closing all UiPath applications (Studio/Robot/Assistant) and then clearing all files in this location and opening Assistant again to try and log in again?

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The given location was blank already. I restarted everything and now not able to open UiPath studio, please refer to screenshots.



It looks like an issue with connectivity that could be caused by a firewall. Are you maybe behind a firewall in your environment?

The issue got resolved after machine restart and everything restarted again.

However, I am not able to trigger this job from orchestrator

How to resolve this? In the end, my published project is not visible on the UiPath assistant so that I can run it independent of studio, without opening studio.

You need to start Test jobs from Testing tab in your folder.

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Thanks for your response Andrei, however the test set just keeps showing pending in execution status when started.