Studio silently fails to launch after fresh installation

This is such a horrendous issue. I just upgraded my community edition and now it is not working. Nothing works anymore. Even after I cleanup everything, reinstall . Worse is that there is no error when I click on studio exe fie. Just nothing happens. For a product meant to save time, I wish developers spent little more time to make installation errors more elegant to understand.

Could you try this:

  • navigate here %localappdata%\uipath
  • check if the folder with the latest version is not abnormally small when compared to the previous version
    If it is, please close Studio, delete the latest version folder and then also delete the content of %localappdata%\UiPath\packages

After restart, Studio should launch and re-download the update. This issue might happen when you close Studio while it is still unpacking the downloaded update.
Clearing the incomplete folder typically solves this issue.

Does not help even a bit. All the folders seem Ok . I duly uninstalled the uipath using control panel, clean up all folders and then reinstall again . There is no error during installation. When I click on studio.exe file, there is no error, but nothing happens as well. That is why this is annoying because one has absolutely no clue what is wrong and where .

Strange. Is there maybe any antivirus/firewall software present that could be blocking the launch (and by maybe sandboxing it so it is unable to start)?

Unlikely. I have been using Studio for 1.5 years now with reinstalls and upgrades. Problem happened after I did a reinstall yesterday again . Now nothing works. And it is such a blinding problem because there is no error of any kind. Doesnt it keep a log somewhere while trying to open !

I dont think Studio even shows in TaskManager. There is absolutely no error or flicker on screen. Just nothing happens when I click on .exe file to start studio. Only think I managed is to create a shortcut on ddesktop for .exe and when I click on shortcut I do get a error message saying “UiPath Studio has stopped working” , without ever actually working . Thats when I see the uipath process in task and then it dies right away. This is so annoying as one has no way of knowing what is wrong with it. !

I moved this discussion to a separate topic and added a tracker to it for our team to investigate it.

Could you check if the Diagnostic tool works correctly?

If so, please generate the diagnostic file and send it via a personal message.

Problem got sorted out after I upgraded my windows including .Net framework.

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I have tried all the suggestions it does not get better. The only solution for me was to change the operating system language to English. those who can’t fix it can try