Advanced Training assignment 1, issue in GetTransactionData.xaml

Unable to get the datarow array from initallapplications to GetTransactiondata.
When i run Main.xaml, it it login in to the ACME and navigating through all workitems and successfully scraping the data table. Then entering into GetTransactionData. There it is failing with error “Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. Value cannotCalculate Client Security (2.0 MB)
be null.Parameter name: source at Source: Log message”

Verify that you have passed an argument and have the value of data row WIList in gettransactiondata.xaml

Yes i am. Can you please check my code?


Calculate Client Security (2.0 MB)

You have to read the instructions line to line otherwise you will miss some (important) parts.

In your Sustem1_Get_WorkItems.xaml you have not added the logic to get the WIIDList from the data table by using the filter…). That will give you your WIIDList.

Please check the doc again from that section and see what step you have missed.

I am doing that in “System1_InitReadTransactions”. Please run Main.xaml file. I am logging total work items count(111) and opened items(15). I am failing to send “openedItems” WIList from this file to “GetTransactiondata”

Ok here you go.

  1. Open System1_InitReadTansaction and make WIList ‘Out’ arg and use that arg in the assign. Delete the local variable.
  2. In InitAllApplication update the WIIDList arg to ‘Out’ and in the Invoke workflow use it as the to value.
    (you arguments are connected)
  3. In Main make a variable WIIDList and make the scope ‘General Business Process’ and assign the var from invokeworkflow InitAllApplication to this var
  4. Your GetTransaction should have a ‘In’ arg which will be mapped to this WIIDLIst global var

Hope this helps

I am failing at STEP4. the global variable is not available in GetTransactionData.

Have you followed the below steps?

This should solve your issue.

Yeah. It solved my problem… Thank you very much…

Happy to help :robot:

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