Get Transaction Data in_TransactionNumber <= in_WIList.Count

I’m stuck in the GetTransactionData If in_TransactionNumber <= in_WIList.Count.
I know that my in_TransactionNumber starts with 1 but when I run it, the workflow goes to Else. When I use the write line activity for in_WIList.Count.ToString it says 0

Q1. I don’t know what would cause the in_WIList.Count to not work?

My data scraping is working, I have it write it to an excel spreadsheet so I can see it.

Is my problem related to these instructions in the guide:

We are going to process each item in the array at a time. This way, all DataRow objects become Transaction Items. The transaction index starts at 1, but the arrays are zero-based, hence the item index in the array is 1 less than the transaction number.

Q2. If they are related, how do I do this? Do the steps go under the Assign activity in the System1_ExtractData workflow or somewhere else?

CalculateClientSecurityv3 - (1.7 MB)

you need to subtract 1, like this…


When I try
I get an error that says:Operator ‘-’ is not defined for types System.Data.DataRow and Integer

Is there something wrong with my argument types?
in_TransactionNumber is an Int32
inWIList is an array of data rows

Hi @rpa3po, use the below condition:

sorry, that ‘-1’ should be inside the parenthesis, in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber-1)

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I think I do have that in my xaml file now.

But I’m thinking that maybe in_WIList might not have anything in it, but I’m not sure why it wouldn’t.

When I add a Write line before the if activity it says in_WIList is System.Data.DataRow
When the if statement executes the Write Line for in_WIList.Count.ToString it says the number is 0


I think the value of Type in your System1_ExtractData is not correct. “Type='WI5”, that should fix it.



is your issue fixed now or do you need further assistance on this topic?

Thanks for catching that! I think it may have solved my issue. I’m getting an error for the System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails so once I get that fixed, I think I will know for sure if this issue is fixed.

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