Stopped working 3 hours ago - "Get IMAP Mail Messages" (Uipath.Mail.Activities)


Stopped working 3 hours ago - “Get IMAP Mail Messages” (Uipath.Mail.Activities)
The robot freezes on performing this activity.

Please tell me - what to do?

Hi @korolkraski,

Are there any error messages produced?

Try putting the email activity in a Retry Scope, and set the retry number to 5, and the retry interval to 00:00:05.

There are no error messages. I can’t re-run it, because it hangs on the first execution.

Okay, in that case stop the code and make the change, or make a copy of the email activity in a new sequence, and put it into a retry scope as I mentioned above.

Please check it out. Do you have this activity working now?

I don’t have the activity because it’s on your workflow. It could be a number of things, from a poor connection to incorrect server details. Hence why I am asking you to put the email into a retry scope with the settings mentioned in my initial response, because that will force an error message if the activity is getting stuck

For verification, I create a new separate robot. And I create only one activity in it - “Get IMAP Mail Messages”. Does not work. Although everything worked before.

Hi @korolkraski

  • Which version of Mail package are you using?
  • What values do you have for TimeoutMS and SecureConnection?
  • When you run the workflow in Studio (Run & Debug mode), do you experience the same freeze?

BTW, in an older post Irregular issue with Get or Move IMAP Mail Messages - #4 by CP_automation the root cause was related to network issue, proxy settings.

Dude i had the same issue, but i could solve it rebooting the pc.

Please uninstall package and reinstall it again. Sometimes it gives error like this also please check if your mail service has not permission to access any robotic system, it will not work. It can be changed with your windows update.