Get IMAP Messages Activity freezes


I’ve encountered the follwoing Problem.

I’m using UIPath Studio Community (2019.9.2) and the UIPAth.Mail.Activity (1.6.0) and my workflow includes the get IMAP Messages Activity.
After a random time running (from 10 minutes to 12h+) the workflow stops without any failure, it just freezes at the getmail activity. Even the timeout does not work.
Is there any idea what could cause this freeze?

Thx for any replies

Little addition, the Workflow is constantly running in Debugging Mode.

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if we are able to run in debug mode without any issue then we should be able to run them in normal mode as well…
kindly recreate the same process again with new project and try once pls
Cheers @randomtrash

I already built it in a new Project even on another PC. There were the same issues

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Sorry for the delayed response
Can I have a view on the property panel of Get IMAP Mail Activity
And may I know how long it’s getting freezed
Cheers @randomtrash

Well i dont know exactly how long it would be stuck, because i restart it every time.
The longest time period i did’nt noticed it was stuck were approx. 5h.

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try with port 993 in the propertypanel and also ensure that the value of MailServer variable is
Cheers @randomtrash

Port 993 and SSL results in a constant SSL Handshake exception and i dont understand why, so Start TLS runs just fine (except the freezing) for me.

I dont connect to Gmail is that important?

I am facing the same problem with both get pop3 messages and send smtp messages. The bot hangs on these activities, and never times out. Did you find any solution to your problem?

I have the same issue, a sequence freezes on GetIMAPMailMessages.
I have tried to change all parameters, no results.
After Windows restart it works again for some time.
Do you know any solution or workaround?

I have noticed, it works again after user logout/login.
What of course is not a solution :frowning: