UiPath.Mail.Activities - Send SMTP mail message Did not work - It stopped working suddenly


My community test robot 2021.4 suddenly stopped sending e-mails. It was not changed. About a week ago it stopped working. Does not work in 2 different environments and systems.
I created a separate project with only one email activity (Send smtp mail message) and it’s the same problem, it doesn’t work.
I was setting up 2 different e-mail accounts. gmail and office 365. Not working. the robot stops on Send SMTP activity and stands still or gets a message that the connection time has expired

Hi @r.rydzewski I’ve just made a test with Mail 1.10.4 with parameters Server = “smtp.office365.com” & Port = 587 & SecureConnection = Auto. It works with no problem.

What values are you using for the parameters above?
When you run the workflow directly from Studio, does it fail as well?
If you use Mail package version 1.9.5, it fails the same?

If you haven’t changed anything in the workflow (i.e. the Mail package version, the activity parameters), I guess the issue is related to your environment.


Thank you for your response. I have no idea what happened. But it was probably related to office 365. After a week it started working properly again.
But the strange thing is, it didn’t work for other providers, such as gmail or outlook.com. The 101% values ​​were correct.

I had the same settings as you

What does “doesn’t work” mean? Are you getting an error?

I’ve had it 3 times now and noticed it stops working just because of the UPDATE of the package responsible for the shipping. So smtp activity or Uipath update itself. No sense