Sticky keys issue while automating in Remote Desktop

We developed our automation codes in studio 2018.1.2. We upgraded the studio to 2019.10.2 tried executing the same scripts. While performing TYPE INTO activity in Remote Desktop we are getting Sticky keys pop up after ugrading to the latest studio.

Disable sticky keys manually by pressing shift for 5 times and then try, or after getting the pop up, then disable the pop up.

You can permanently disable the sticky keys as well

This problem was not happened with earlier version. We are facing this problem when we change the studio to latest version.

I believe this isn’t a Studio problem, but rather, UI Automation Activity Package verison.

Somewhere between 19.7 and 19.10, they updated the Type Into activities to use Caps Lock (I can see it flashing on the keyboard when the robot is using it).

One workaround would be to go to manage packages in your project and downgrade the packages to 19.7. I believe those don’t use Caps Lock.

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