Capital key not working on my computer and RPA anymore due to Uipath Script

Hi all,

I have been facing a very weird issue this past week and I don’t know how to fix it: since a bit more than a week, I have the capital letter “C” not working anymore on my computer and when running my RPA. I have updated/reinstalled the keyboards and updated the BIOS of my windows 10 computer to fix the issue but it didn’t work. After some tests, I realized that the problem was coming from the UiPath script as when I restarted my computer after the BIOS update, the capital C was working and as soon as I ran my RPA, the problem came back.

Have you already dealt with an issue like that? Would you happen to know how to fix this issue?


Can you please check the windows virtual keyboard if there is any difference there


Hi @Anil_G, I have just tested on the windows virtual keyboard and it is the same [shift] + [C] does not work


Can you please specify more details like the studio version…robot version, windows version and also is it happening for any specific script or any



Studio version: Studio 2023.4.1 - 5/10/2023
Windows version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
It feels like it is happening for all the robots I am running.

Hi @BUISSON_Chloe,

I’m not sure what it means that “it feels like it is happening for all the robots I’m running”. Does it mean you have multiple machine that have the same behavior? Is this happening after an update of the Robot/Studio version?

can you please share a DiagnosticTool export with us?

Does this happen when running from Studio or Assistant? You also said that this is happening only after starting th UiPath. Can you go in Assistant → Preferences → Keyoard shortcuts and see if by mistake there is a shortcut on any of the fields with the “C”?


Hello @BUISSON_Chloe

As you have confirmed in your previous post thta, even manually using virtual keyboard also shift+c is not working. So the issue doesn’t seem to be with UiPath.

Can you please check whether you have set any shortcut key using Shit+c.

Also please confirm you are trying to copy something using Shift + C?


Hi @erghe and @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, I had indeed set a shortcut in the Assistant that I never used for “Shift + C” and I can confirm that since I removed it, it now works!

Thank you very much for your help, I wouldn’t have thought to check in the shortcut section of the UiPath without your help.


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