2018.4 Remote Desktop Extension

I have a usecase to automate RDP desktop. I remember 2019.4 supports RDP extension. Will I be able to automate it on 2018.4. Anyone have steps and any know issues aroud it,

i hope we dont have that option in 2018.4
but still we can connect using normal activities like using
–send hot key activity with key as win+r
–then use type into activity and mention as “mstsc”+"[k(enter)]" and make sure that sendwindowmessage property is enabled and simulate type property is disabled
–then use normal type into activity to type in the credentials and login to the RDP
–use a MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity as a first activity inside the RDP so that the screen is set to full screen and all the activities will be performed in that window only

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I am referring below site https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/installing-the-windows-remote-desktop-extension and see it require

SetupExtensions /RdpClient

Can some help me where I can get RdpClient? DO I need to raise Support ticket?


yes that is applicable only when the version is above 2019.4

and yes we need a RDP connection provided with our server…kindly raise a ticket with your admin team
Cheers @Rocki_Jan

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I want to know if is it possible to use it in 2018.4 as we are using the same. Can someone please confirm. Thanks
@loginerror @ovi

Hi @Rocki_Jan

This is indeed a new feature and as such is only available in the new version of Studio.

Thanks @loginerror, is there any dependency with the studio, as I remember from 2018.3 UIAutomation dependencies were decoupled. Is there any specific reason why it is not supported in 2018.4?
If I update UIAutomation package to the latest one, will it not work?

I checked with the team and it is indeed only available from 2019.4 and onward.

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