2017.1 and Attach Window


We have our own system/program that the robot runs over. But since I’ve updated to UiPath 2017.1 the Attach Window functionality appears to have changed with how it interacts with this system. Previously we would use the Attach Window to focus on the system and then do some steps within the program. But since the update running a Send hotkey of Alt and C within this attach window activity now does not work. It gets stuck.
If I move the hotkey outside of the Attach Window box it works as intended.
I’m hoping not to have to re-do all of our current flows that rely on this functionality so wondering if this is a known issue and there is an easier fix.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2017.1

Last stable behavior: The hotkey worked fine
Last stable version: 2016.2.6232
OS Version: Windows 7
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

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Just wondering but does using Type Into work as an alternative?
Type Into

Although, this would still require an update to all processes.

what do you mean by “get stuck” ?
do you get an error? or is the activity running for ever? or the activity doesn’t generate the hotkey but the workflow continues to the next activity?


and one more thing:
does this happen on any application or only on a particular one?

it would be great if you could share a workflow that shows the problem.


That would probably work but I’m hoping it wouldn’t have to be a change to all of the existing flows. That would just be a pain, but I’ve a feeling that it’s something we will end up doing.

By “get stuck” I mean that it appears to try the hotkey repeatedly as the program it’s automating flashes until the timeout is hit. And when it’s in debug mode the hotkey is the step it’s stuck on.
If I manually intervene the robot carries on as normal once it gets past this point.

This only appears to happen in the one application (Vectus). I’ve tested it in the standard Office apps and having a Hotkey within the Attach Window works fine.

I’ll see if I can share the workflow to show you. Not sure it’ll show much but I’ll give it a go.

if you do a simple test : attach notepad and send hotkey Alt+f (should open the File menu) its gonna work?

I just did that and it works fine. Just appears to be the Vectus program we use is having the problem with this.

ah, ok, thanks for the info

Could you share the worklfow (or at least the attach + hotkey part) so we can take a look?
One more thing you could try: the Send Hotkey activity has a Activate property. You can try checking/un-checking it to see if it makes any difference.


TestFlow.xaml (9.3 KB)
TestFlow2.xaml (7.6 KB)

TestFlow is the original and acts like I described above.
TestFlow2 is the same code, just not inside an Attach Window and this works fine, provided the Vectus program is manually focussed on just before it’s run.

It has just occurred to me that the ctrl + F hot key works but it’s the Alt+C that causes the problem. Which makes this a bit more of a weird issue.

Did you try checking/un-checking Activate property of the Send Hotkey activity?


Sorry for the delay, I hadn’t realised you’d replied.
Good news is - unchecking the box works.
I still have to change the code we already have but this is a lot easier to change than what I planned.

Thank you