Connected with Orchestrator but Unlicensed

I’m using community edition both the Orchestrator and UiPath Studio. So my Orchestrator is in the cloud platform.
I followed the document to Setup the connection between Orchestrator and UiPath Studio, but it shows connected but Unlicensed.
I used the Community license for UiPath Studio cause I can’t acquire license form Orchestrator even I connected the Orchestrator.
And I also checked the license with UiPath.LicenseTool.exe

Is it because the limit of the community edition?
Or I miss something that I need to do?

Thanks for the help!

1 Like - can you share the screenshot of robot, machine & uipath assistant…

– Go to → Services and verify robot allocations - pls refer below link for

My UiPath Assistant Setting page:

My UiPath Robert Setting Page:

My Service usage page:

It seems that I still have quota to use, right?

pls check - your machine is not connected as expected with orchestrator…
pls delete - machine & robot from both cloud & platform sites and use one site to create a machine and robot…

Hello, Thanks for your help.
I deleted the all the machine and robot to reset all the setup.
Then I found there was one thing that I misunderstood before.
That is Domain\username, it should be related with my machine.
But my machine is a PC, I’m confusing with the “domain” means.
And Then I try to get domain with “whoami” command in CMD and use the result to fill up the “Domain\username” field.
Finally, It’s work!

Many Thanks again!


refer this