Connected, Unlicensed Error

Hi, everyone,

I’m new to delving into UiPath and am running into a few issues. I’m a Community License User, and mostly working in StudioX.

I followed the RPA Starter Course to create the “Currency Converter” automation successfully, but then attempted to get fancy and must’ve changed something in Orchestrator because it returned with “Robot not connected” after I’d made some changes in Orchestrator. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I changed. I’m so embarrassed.

I’ve read through most of the “Connected, Unlicensed” topics but I still haven’t been able to resolve it.

I’ve narrowed down that my issue I believe is in creating a Robot.
Despite correctly setting it up as an Unattended Type and including my hostname\username (being my login information for the personal machine I am using for UiPath), it still shows as Disconnected in Orchestrator and the status in UiPath Assistant is listed as “Connected, Unlicensed”.

Please help, I’m not sure what to do.

I’m attempting an uninstall-reinstall of UiPath Studio in hopes that’ll help, but I have a strong feeling I’ve bungled something in Orchestrator and that I’m not sure how to fix.


Hi @Clarissa_A,

Welcome to Uipath Community :smiley:

Please find the below link. Kindly let me know if you have any issues.

Omkar P

Thanks so much! I see it now as “Connected, Licensed”. I’ll do a test run shortly.

In Orchestrator the Robot does show as “Disconnected” as in the image below. Does that pose a problem?


Nevermind! It’s connected now and runs successfully!

Thank you, @Reddy_Paluri!

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Welcome :grinning:

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