State Machine - Set Transaction Status

Hi Team,

i’m getting this error when i am trying to change transaction status using state machine- ‘The given key was not present in the dictionary’.
Please can you help on this… It is very urgent one.

Many thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

This means that you are trying to get something from Config file and that key is not there in the Config file

Make sure the key you are passing to access the value , It is present in the File.

No, i am not getting anything form the config file.

I am trying to update the Transaction Item Status using SetTransactionItem activity in Orchestrator Queue.
getting the error during the transaction status change.

I am not passing any value to the file.

i am trying to change the Transaction Item Statue in orchestrator queue.

You will need to share your workflow as that error message is nothing to do with setting a transaction status - sounds like the error is coming from somewhere else.

Hi Thanks for your reply.

The workflow is bigger one , so i can’t share the workflow. Just i am explaining my process. I have one main workflow and 4 sub workflows. i am reading the transaction item through first workflow and i will pass the same transaction item into other sub workflows using arguments. once everything is get done , finally i will set the trans. status.

Can you tell what are the possibilities are there for getting the below error.
Error : 'The given key was not present in the dictionary.'

Many thanks in advance.

Do you have any variables or arguments of type Dictionary or IDictionary?

Can you share the properties of the Set Transaction Status activity?

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yeah I am taking the transaction item (datatype - uipath.core.queueitem) from queue at my Main workflow and when ever I need the same value from another workflow just I am passing the value as arguments. once all the process has done in the external workflow then I come back to my main workflow and I changing the same
transaction status as success/failed. during that time I am getting this error.

Hi All,
Finally i have fixed that myself… Thank you so much for sure shift reply.